Humanising AI.

To stand out in this marketplace, the Phrasee identity was designed to be humourous, conspicuous and ballsy. It needed to be much more than just a traditional logo and have a irreverent personality of its own. Working closely with the Phrasee founders, we developed a flexible 'P' speech mark that acts as a playful container for anything that raises a smile or even an eyebrow. Everything from the typeface and colour palette to the tongue-in-cheek tone of voice and quirky illustrations were selected and crafted to exude exude energy, humour and 'awesomeness'.
“Spencer's skills in brand building were indispensable when it came to creating, and then evolving our brand identity. He managed to adapt a brief, which could only be described as a basic idea of where we wanted to be, and produce exactly what we wanted. He is efficient, creative and extremely easy to work with.”

Roxy Cameron, Head of Performance Marketing

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