About me
I've been working as a branding specialist and designer for over 20 years, making lively and meaningful work for brands both big and small in almost every industry. Formerly Creative Director at The Pink Group, my main focus is now as a freelance brand identity consultant.

I always approach each branding project with a well-honed methodology. Before any visual work begins, I work with you to create a well-defined, coherent strategy. This strategic thinking analyses and defines all aspects of your brand: its proposition, its purpose, its brand positioning, and its personality and values. This foundation then informs the creation of an effective and relevant brand. 

I then design engaging visual systems with the utmost care and attention and don't let up until you're 100% delighted. I like to get to the point. So get in touch if you're after well-considered design and engaging brand experiences.

Some kind words...
“Spencer started doing creative and branding work for me in 2009, and his work was exquisite... so exquisite, in fact, that I’ve engaged with him in every single place I’ve worked since. He has never failed to deliver. Based upon his uncanny ability to create branding that will deliver results for your company (even if you can’t articulate what you think you need), I recommend him without reservation. By the way, I have it on good authority that he will give you a discount if you speak to him using nothing but Anchorman quotes. Stay classy, Spencer.”

– Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee

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